A-Ticket - La Card per visitare Alghero

Where to get the A-ticket

  • . At the Town Tourist Office (Piazza Porta Terra)
  • . At the official sale points and Bookshops (Porta Terra tower, Coral Museum,San Giovanni Tower)
  • . Coral Museum
  • . Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
  • . Neptune Cave
  • . Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju
  • . Nuraghe Palmavera


  • ALGHERO RESORT COUNTRY HOTEL (www.algheroresort.it)
  • HOTEL ANGEDRAS (www.angedras.it)
  • HOTEL CATALUNYA (www.hotelcatalunya.it)
  • HOTEL DEI PINI (www.hoteldeipini.it)
  • HOTEL PUNTA NEGRA (www.hotelpuntanegra.it)


  • CALIK BLU (www.campingcalikblu.com)
  • VILLAGGIO CAMPEGGIO TORRE DEL PORTICCIOLO (www.torredelporticciolo.it)

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